Chain-Link Fencing Professionals Reveal Cost Breakdowns

/ — VANCOUVER, BC–(Marketwired – April 30, 2017) – Local fence repairer shares cost considerations when installing a chain-link fence

QS Fencing, a Vancouver-based business that specialises in the installation and repair of metal fencing, has published a blog that roughs out the costs and pricing for different types of fences, including their most popular installation-chain-link fencing. For more, go to:

The average cost of fencing falls between $1500 and $5500. With that in mind, it’s no surprise that the type of material chosen will have a huge impact on costs-not just for the material, but for installation as well.

Cost considerations include parts, permits, making sure the installation won’t interfere with any utilities-even the grading of the land can have an impact. If there’s a slope to deal with it makes installation that much more difficult, potentially raising labour costs. However, the article emphasizes that the primary cost factor when installing a fence is always going to be the material.

According to the article, costs for materials can range from $15 to $35 per linear foot. The article then goes on to price out some of the most popular choices including cedar, vinyl, aluminum, wrought iron, and, of course, chain-link fencing.

Assuming a standard height of six feet, the blog concludes that the cost of installing a fence will be around $3500, depending on property size and the material that’s chosen.

Staying within a budget can be hard when it comes to home improvement, but the consultants at QS Fencing can recommend ideas that suit different needs and budgets. To get a free quote on metal fence installation or repair, call QS Fencing at (604) 345-5145.

About QS Fencing

Established in 2010, QS Fencing is a family-owned business that aims to provide quality products and superior service. It is a Vancouver-based fencing company that is licensed and insured. All employees are WCB insured as well. QS Fencing serves the geographical areas of Vancouver, West Vancouver, North Vancouver, Burnaby, New Westminster, Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, Port Moody, Maple Ridge, Richmond, Surrey, and Delta, BC.

To learn more, visit or call (604) 345-5145.

Vancouver Furnace Company Offers Quick Filter Tips

/ — VANCOUVER, BC–(Marketwired – April 30, 2017) – As a locally-based company that specializes in furnace installation and repair, the technicians at Pro Ace Heating & Air Conditioning Services have compiled some handy clean air tips, which they have listed in a recent blog post. For more, go to:

Changing the filter in a furnace is actually very easy to do. As a proud member of Fortis BC, Pro Ace Heating & Air Conditioning Services have an extensive selection of different furnaces. Their blog not only contains an explanation about different types of filters — they also have a video that details how to change filters.

Type of Filters

  • Fiberglass Furnace Filters – This is the most cost efficient option at around $5.00, but fiberglass tends to be inferior when it comes to trapping dust and dirt. Opting for the pleated paper model is often a better option for keeping air clean and fresh.
  • Pleated Furnace Filters – These are the most popular type of furnace filter. Made of of a paper/polyester blend material, these work well for around six months. They are completely disposable and retail for around $40.
  • Washable Furnace Filters – Trapping up to 95% of dust and dirt, these washable models are a great long-term investment. Although initial costs will range between $100-$150, they offer good value. Pro Ace Heating & Air Conditioning Services carries several sizes in stock, but can also order any sizes necessary.
  • Electrostatic Furnace Filters – Using a static charge, these filters attract and hold dust and dirt until they can be washed. Both disposable and washable filters are available in electrostatic models.

Remember, every furnace is different and requires specific filter sizes. Common sizes are 14″x25″, 16″x20″, 16″x25″, 20″x 25″, and 25″x25″ — but other dimensions are available. To check the exact size required for a unit, remove the old filter — the measurements will be marked along the edge.

For furnace install, repair, and maintenance, contact Pro Ace Heating & Air Conditioning Services at 604-293-3770. The technicians support all makes and models, and emergency service is available 24/7.

About the Company

Serving Vancouver for over 17 years with 75,000 happy clients, Pro Ace Heating & Air Conditioning Services Ltd. is made up of qualified professionals. Every technician possesses red seal, refrigerant mechanic, Class-A or Class-B gas fitting licenses. Pro Ace Heating & Air Conditioning Services Ltd. values customer satisfaction and is committed to making every customer a lifelong one. They offer free quotes and estimates with no obligation, and are prepared to beat any competitor’s price. Inquire about our one-year, no-interest, no-payment financing on installations. For more information on the company, log on to or call 604-293-3770.

Vancouver Lawyers Post Article about Deciding Jurisdiction

/ — VANCOUVER, BC–(Marketwired – April 30, 2017) – As a Vancouver-based legal firm, the lawyers at Kushner Law Group know that family law in BC can be difficult and emotionally charged, with complex legal arguments and issues. However, when parents live in different locations and questions of jurisdiction need to be resolved, there can be a heightened sense of complexity. For more, go to:

One of the latest articles on the Kushner Law website delves into the complex subject of jurisdiction. For example, if one of the parents leaves the province-or the country-where should the case be heard? It’s no problem if both parents reside in BC, but what happens when there’s a dispute as to which Court should hear the matter?

In the recent decision of Stebbings v. Greenleaf, 2017 BCSC 453, Mr. Justice Bowden heard an application seeking an order that the Supreme Court of British Columbia did not have jurisdiction.

The applicant mother, along with her daughter, were naturalized citizens of the United States, but had been residing in Canada with the father. The Applicant mother sought to relocate to the United States, but did not obtain the consent of the father or make a relocation application.

When asked to consider under the Family Law Act whether the child was “habitually resident,” the Court provided the following analysis:

[14] The term “habitually resident” is defined in s. 72(2) of the FLA which provides:

72 (2) For the purposes of this Division, a child is habitually resident in the place where the child most recently resided

(a) with his or her parents,

(b) if the parents are living separate and apart, with one parent

(i) under an agreement,

(ii) with the implied consent of the other parent, or

(iii) under an order of a court or tribunal, or

(c) with a person other than a parent on a permanent basis for a significant period of time.

(3) The removal or withholding of a child without the consent of a guardian does not affect the child’s habitual residence unless the guardian from whom the child is being removed or withheld acquiesces or delays in applying for an order of a court or an extraprovincial tribunal.

[15] In the circumstances, s. 72(2)(a) applies. The child’s most recent place of residence with his parents was British Columbia from July 2016 until September 2016 when the child was taken to Utah by the applicant and the respondent did not consent to a change of the child’s residence.

[16] It appears that s. 72(3) prevents a parent from ousting the jurisdiction of this court by removing a child from B.C. without the consent of the other parent.

[17] Alternatively, if the child’s habitual residence is determined under s.72(2)(b) then, based on my understanding that the child currently lives with the applicant in B.C. pursuant to a court order, the child would also be considered to be habitually resident in B.C.

[18] In my view the child’s habitual place of residence is British Columbia.

Anyone recently separated, defending a claim, or involved in ongoing custodial battles needs the right support to make the best choices. For advice on all sorts of family law disputes, contact the Kushner Law Group today at 604-629-0432 and schedule a consultation.

About the Company

The Kushner Law Group was founded on the principle that a small law firm should be able to offer the same level of legal advice as a big firm at an affordable cost. A unique combination of legal experience and creativity allows the professionals at Kushner to come up with creative and practical solutions for a variety of legal problems.

For additional information, please visit or call 604-629-0432.

Study: IBS Sufferers Have Less Bifidobacterium Catenulatum in Gut

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) is a poorly-understood diagnosis that categorizes difficulty in maintaining regular bowel movement cycles. Recent research has found that people suffering from IBS symptoms tend to have a unique balance of intestinal bacteria. Those suffering from IBS were found to have less than half of the Bifidobacterium Catenulatum bacteria found in those with healthy digestive cycles1.

Research Offers Insight in IBS Symptoms

This significant finding furthers the evolving understanding between gut health and beneficial bacteria, such as those found in many probiotics. Modern research is illustrating that our Health may be as much a balance of microbiotic lifeforms—and what we feed them—as it is about anything else. Learning more about the intricacies of digestive mircoflora can seem intimidating at first glance—even Science is just beginning to gain a functional understanding. These types of bacteria are found everywhere in the world around us, and we are exposed to them on a constant basis. Fermented foods like sour krauts, Kimchi, and tempeh are great sources for many bacteria that are generally regarded to be capable of helping to boost gut health. Probiotics are another wildly-popular source of these bacteria, and used by many people. As with most supplements and live-culture foods—brand quality greatly determines how much benefit you might actually be getting. Working to better understand these powerful microorganisms, and their role in our health, may help you find a better balance. The research here is specific to IBS, but likely similar with many different health conditions 2.


Researchers found lower levels of Bifidobacterium Catenulatum in those suffering from IBS

Lower Counts of ‘Good’ Bacteria Connected to IBS

How do you digest food? This simple question has  proven to be quite enigmatic over the years. We’ve understood the most basic functions of the human body for centuries—mouth, teeth, stomach, intestines, etc. What Science is still largely unaware of are the specifics of how these systems operate and co-mingle with one another. One of the most interesting concepts of healthy digestion is the role of intestinal microflora. These are the billions of tiny bacterial lifeforms that live inside you digestive tract. These tiny little microbiota exist in a delicate balance which is very much affected by what we eat and where we live. Bacteria like Streptococcus pyogenes—responsible for Strep Throat—are found in nearly all of our bodies at any given time, but they are kept in a harmless balance by other bacteria. It’s useful to regard this balance as a ‘soup’ of sorts, where all the ingredients have access to one another and are constantly mixing together. Trouble can begin when certain bacteria are able to grow in excess, which can alter the delicate balance of bacterial community. This can be seen in such issues as Candida Albicans, which is common yeast known to cause symptoms of brain fog, chronic fatigue, and depression. C.Albicans is a common yeastt bacteria that provides valuable function to our body, but when exposed to diets high in yeast-fueling ingredients like sugar and carbohydrates—it can begin affecting your balance of microbiota.

Researchers discovered Bifidobacterium Catenulatum levels were nearly twice as low in those suffering from IBS

Understanding the potential of this type of balance in affecting any numbers of health issues, researchers from the University Medical Center in the Netherlands developed a study to categorize microbiota in patients with IBS symptoms. Irritable Bowel Syndrome is a godawful term used by modern Western medicine to describe un-disposable digestive issues. If you are constipated or have diarrhea for an extended period of time, you’d likely qualify for an IBS diagnosis by your local team of MDs.  The team from the Netherlands decided to offer more meaningful insight into the issue, and developed a study to better understand the shifts in gut bacteria among those suffering from IBS symptoms. The investigated the bacteria found in samples taken directly from the small intestine walls of 41 volunteers. These noble subjects all suffered from one of three types of IBS—diarrhea type, constipation type, and alternating diarrhea/constipation. Using methods proven to provide accuratee identification of these types of bacteria, the researchers compared the samples taken from this group with the samples collected from 26 healthy subjects. Researchers discovered Bifidobacterium Catenulatum levels were nearly twice as low in those suffering from IBS—making a potential connection between specific bacteria and IBS.

Maintaining Balance

Your digestive tract is thought to be comprised of more than 30,000 different species of bacteria 3. Considering each of these may be present in varying amounts, it’s almost impossible to imagine how to approach understanding their specific impact on health. Many beneficial bacteria in our guts are considered to be transient—which means they don’t colonize on a permanent basis. Working to maintain constant exposure to these bacteria can be beneficial to your health, but can also be difficult. Ideally, eating fermented foods such as yogurt and krauts can help boost your levels of beneficial bacteria conveniently. Foods like sour kraut often contain loads of bacteria like Lactobacillus Plantarum, Lactobacillus Paraplantarum, Lactobacillus Koreensis, Lactobacillus Brevis, and Lactobacillus Hammesii. These bacteria are all generally regarded as being beneficial to gut health, and can had by simply eating unpasteurized sour kraut.  Everyone is different however, and sometimes more isolated approaches can be helpful in understanding how you will respond to different strains of beneficial bacteria. Probiotics offer easy access to isolated bacteria known to provide powerful digestive support.

Our best recommendation for those interested in how these types of bacteria might affect their IBS symptoms, is to look to other Bifido-bacterium products

One of the most reliable manufacturers of probiotics is Klaire Labs, and they offer a wide range of powerful probiotic products. In many regards, maintaining healthy gut flora is an everyday endeavor. Integrating consideration for these beneficial bacteria into your regular schedule can be the most effective manner of approach. For those with IBS, research like this offers great insight into the specific types of bacteria that may be at the root of their digestive imbalance. Currently, we were unable to find any probiotic products containing the Bifidobacterium Catenulatum strain that we feel are made with acceptable quality. Much of the research around Bifidobacterium Catenulatum has been done on cultures grown from already present samples found in intestinal swabs or fecal assays. Our best recommendation for those interested in how these types of bacteria might affect their IBS symptoms, is to look to other Bifido-bacterium products. One tremendous bifido-bacteria containing product is the Klaire Labs Ther-Biotic Factor 4. This product is also available from Amazon, though you need to check that the seller uses adequate refrigeration before and during shipping—or else the probiotics will die during shipping!

Final Considerations

Those suffering with IBS have been found to have lower counts of Bifidobacterium Catenulatum in their digestive tract. Currently, we are unaware of any commercially-available Bifidobacterium Catenulatum probiotics of adequate quality for recommendation. Products like Klaire Labs’ Ther-Biotic Factor 4 are Bifido-bacteria containing probiotics, and might offer similar IBS stabilizing effects. The interplay of bacterial DNA is complicated—and modern science is just now beginning to better understand this process 4. Many beneficial gut-bacteria such as those found within the Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium genara are transient, and need to be constantly supplied. Integrating fermented foods like sour krauts, kimchi, tempeh, and yogurt into your diet is one of the most-convenient ways to ensure you are exposed to a wide range of healthy bacteria. Probiotics offer useful means of shifting balance, though ensure you are buying from quality brands like Klaire Labs. The type of insight found in this research represents the building of a modern awareness towards gut health. Anti-biotics, high sugar diets, and foods dense with refined carbohydrates have wreaked havoc on modern health, most-notably on bacterial balances withing the digestive system. Keeping in mind how your dietary decisions and supplement use may affect your gut health can be a tremendous way to better understand—and restore—a health natural balance.

New Book Chronicles Green Day On the Brink of Fame

Green Day Rising Cover

Green Day Rising Book

Green Day Rising: Before the Dookie Flew Delivers an Intimate Look at Billie Joe Armstrong and Company

It was one of those moments in life when you realize you’re witnessing history in the making. We didn’t need to wait for Woodstock ‘94 to happen – it was going down right in front of our eyes.”

— Mike Sharon

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, April 30, 2017 / — Los Angeles, CA , March 24, 2017 ( – ​​First Division Press is excited to announce the release of their newest publication, Green Day Rising: Before the Dookie Flew. Through never-before-seen photographs and on-the-scene reporting, the book chronicles Green Day’s 1994 farewell to the San Francisco Bay Area’s small club scene.

On July 5, 1994, Green Day was poised to emerge from the punk cocoon of 924 Gilman Street and develop into a band that has delivered a decades-long run of bird-flipping, thought-provoking and hit-making music.

Before they grabbed headlines by inciting a mass mud fight at Woodstock ’94 and ignited the charts with blistering punk salvos like “Welcome to Paradise” and “When I Come Around,” Billie Joe Armstrong, Mike Dirnt and Tré Cool bid one last goodbye to the small-club scene of the Bay Area, playing an intimate show at San Francisco nightclub Slim’s to host a bon-voyage party that still rattles the minds of the lucky few who attended.

“It’s was one of those moments in life when you realize you’re witnessing history in the making,” says Mike Sharon, co-author of Green Day Rising: Before the Dookie Flew. “We didn’t need to wait for Woodstock ‘94 to happen – it was going down right in front of our eyes.”

Green Day Rising: Before the Dookie Flew captures the band at the cusp of mainstream success with dozens of never-before-seen photos and eyewitness reporting, delivering an intimate portrait of a phenomenon-to-be that obscurity couldn’t confine, genre couldn’t define and the world had no idea was coming.

“The amazing thing about Green Day during this period was that, even though they were in their very early twenties, they were already incredibly evolved and self-aware,” says Tim Kenneally, co-author of Green Day Rising: Before the Dookie Flew. “Like the Beatles, who had also honed their craft for years in less-than-ideal circumstances, Green Day was fully ready to take on the world — even if the world didn’t realize it yet.”

For more information, visit:

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Michael Sharon
First Division Press, East Coast Office

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First Division Press, West Coast Office

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Associa Leadership to Shine at CAI National Conference and Expo

LAS VEGAS, April 30, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Associa, North America’s leading community association management firm, will be well represented at Community Associations Institute’s (CAI) National Conference and Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada, May 3-6 at Caesar’s Palace. This event is the largest gathering of community association management professionals in the world, with thousands of attendees expected from across the globe.A photo accompanying this release is available at:
Contact: Andrew Fortin
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The Dental Clinic Revolutionizes Dental Tourism in Lima Peru

The Dental Clinic, Lima’s #1 cosmetic dentist, has revolutionized dental tourism in Lima, Peru by catering to tourists looking for affordable dental care.


Lima, Peru, April 30, 2017

Peru, home to one of the 7 Wonders of the World (Machu Picchu), is now home to one of the best cosmetic dentists for dental tourism in Lima, Peru. As tourists travel abroad to save big on quality dental care, dental tourism in Lima, Peru has taken off in recent years. Located in one of the most vibrant and beautiful districts of Lima, The Dental Clinic is perfect for travelers staying in or around Miraflores, the most popular place for shopping, eating, and nightlife.

The Dental Clinic provides tourists with cutting edge cosmetic dentistry and restorative dental treatments, including implants, crowns/bridges, inlays/onlays, removable and fixed dentures, fillings, teeth whitening, and the most sought out dental treatment, porcelain veneers. With the latest in dental technology, top quality materials, and a high standard of treatment, The Dental Clinic stands behind their work with a LIFETIME guarantee—something no other cosmetic dentist in Lima can provide.

Doctor Lilian Demartini is The Dental Clinic’s top cosmetic dentist. She is a proud member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, as well as the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, and has received many awards for her quality work and patient satisfaction. Her mission is to create a healthy, confident, and attractive smile for each one of her patients in a minimum amount of time and at a great price. She uses safe and painless techniques to transform the smiles of tourists traveling to Peru and boosts their confidence in just a matter of days. The Dental Clinic has become one of Peru’s top dentists preferred by locals and tourists alike.

The Dental Clinic receives an average of 40 international patients each month, from the USA, Canada, Australia, Europe and more. With high-quality materials, top-of-the-line technology, top-notch workmanship, and affordable prices (on average, 80% lower than can be found in the United States & Europe), it’s no wonder The Dental Clinic is the top destination for dental tourism in Lima, Peru.

The incredible services don’t stop at dental treatments, as The Dental Clinic takes it up a notch to provide a wonderful, concierge-like experience all around. With 24 hour access to an English-speaking patient care manager who helps to plan the trip, secure the best prices on hotels and accommodation, as well as provides transportation to and from the airport and to all clinic visits, it’s a one-of-a-kind experience at a fraction of the cost. The Dental Clinic provides its patients with a free mobile phone to stay connected at all times and enjoy the stay in Lima without a worry in mind.

To save big on high-quality dental care & treatments while exploring everything beautiful Lima has to offer, book an appointment with the dentist you can trust—The Dental Clinic—Lima’s #1 cosmetic dentist.
No one does dental tourism in Lima, Peru better than Lima’s best cosmetic dentist, The Dental Clinic, located in the heart of everything in the touristy Miraflores district. Give your smile the love and attention it desires and deserves and call +51 1 647 2187 to get started today.

For more information about The Dental Clinic and dental tourism in Lima, Peru, visit:

About The Dental Clinic:

The Dental Clinic is Lima, Peru’s best cosmetic dentist. Doctor Lilian Demartini and her friendly staff are focused on efficiently fulfilling the dental needs of each and every patient. Patients who turn to The Dental Clinic receive additional benefits, such as discounts and special offers for new patients. From the first consultation and dental treatment, patience experience firsthand why The Dental Clinic has become the most preferred destination for dental tourism in Lima, Peru.
The Dental Clinic

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Torre del Park II, Consultorio 202
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Lima, Peru

Guam holds seaside memorial for the SMS Cormoran II

TUMON, GUAM, April 30, 2017 / — On Friday, April 7, 2017, the Guam Visitors Bureau (GVB) was joined by local and international dignitaries to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the scuttling of the SMS Cormoran II. The German vessel came to Guam in December 1914, out of coal and desperate to escape pursuit by warships of the Japanese Imperial Navy. The ship and her crew stayed in Guam peacefully for the next two and half years until the United States entered World War I on April 6, 1917.

On that fateful day, Guam’s US Navy Governor sent word to Captain Adalbert Zuckschwerdt of the Cormoran that their two countries were now at war. The captain was instructed to surrender his ship and prepare his men to become prisoners of war. Captain Zuckschwerdt agreed to surrender his crew, but not the SMS Cormoran. Instead, the ship was scuttled and sunk to the bottom of Apra Harbor on April 7, 1917.

Guam divers place a 4 ft. x 3 ft. centennial commemorative banner; 12-foot floral wreath; and a replica of the Imperial German Navy flag on the SMS Cormoran II as peace tribute to her 100 years beneath the sea. Photo by Mr. Chase Weir

To commemorate the 100th year anniversary of the scuttling of the SMS Cormoran II, the GVB organized a special seaside memorial service. Attendees of the ocean service were transported to the site of the Cormoran’s final resting place by boat. Nearly 120 people participated in the seaside memorial service including two family members representing the crew of the Cormoran. Walter Runck, came for his grandfather Jakob Runch, and Lasia Casil, represented her great-grandfather Paul Grey, who were both sailors on the Cormoran.

The contingent honoring the SMS Cormoran also included Mr. Michael Hasper, Chargé d’Affaires from the German Embassy in Manila, Guam’s U.S. Congresswoman Madeleine Z. Bordallo, Captain James B. Pruett Commander of the US Coast, island dignitaries, and the Consul Generals from Japan, Philippines, and South Korea. An international media corps with representatives from Japan, Korea, North America, Russia, Philippines, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and China attended to capture the memorial.

The event began at 8:03 a.m., the exact time the Cormoran began to sink a hundred years before, with the chiming of the bell, ringing out seven times in honor of the seven sailors who perished that day. Their names – Karl Bennershansen, Franz Blum, K. Boomerum, Rudolph Penning, Emil Reschke, and Ernes Roose were read out with each toll, followed by a traditional Chamorro blessing performed by Guam’s Pa’a Taotao Tano’ group. The Chamorro blessing was complimented with a Christian blessing, given by Pale Eric Forbes. Mr. Hasper, Chargé d’Affaires from the German Embassy and Congresswoman Bordallo, each gave remarks to commemorate the over 100-year history of the SMS Cormoran and Guam.

At 8:30 a.m., local deep-sea scuba divers Mitchell Singler, Louis Cabral, Frank Gradyan, Jim Pinson, photographer/diver Chase Weir, and GVB’s Director of Global Marketing Pilar Laguaña entered the water and began the descent to 110 feet (34 meters), where the Cormoran lies. The divers carried with them a 12-foot wreath, a centennial commemorative 4-feet x 3-feet banner, and a replica of the Imperial German Navy flag, which were attached to the SMS Cormoran II as peace tribute to her 100 years beneath the sea.

“With my Chamorro and German ethnic background, to carry the Imperial German Navy flag down to the SMS Cormoran II on the morning of its 100th year anniversary was a humbling experience and an extremely special moment. As I approached the ship, I yearned that all could see how magnificent she lies peaceful and so gallant and strong as the flag was rightfully mounted back onto the SMS Cormoran II” stated Ms. Pilar Laguaña.

Divers posed for photos touching the twin shipwrecks of the SMS Cormoran and Tokai Maru, her companion of the last 26 years. The Tokai Maru sunk during WWII and came to lie touching the Cormoran’s propeller, creating the only dive site in the world where divers can touch shipwrecks from two different World Wars.

While the divers honored the Cormoran below, aboard the boats, guests listened as local diver and instructor Michael Musto gave a history on the SMS Cormoran II and her place in Guam’s history. When the divers returned, the memorial group returned to shore, where preparations were underway at the U.S. Naval Cemetery to honor the seven German sailors who lost their lives 100 years ago. The 100th commemoration of the day the SMS Cormoran II sank is a moment of both pride and dedication to preserve and share information on the history of the SMS Cormoran II and may one not forget the sacrifices made by its crew members. Friendships formed, loyalties tested, lives lost, and a rich part of Guam’s history to be remembered.

PHOTO: Dignitaries that attended the SMS Cormoran II 100th anniversary commemoration at sea above the shipwreck sight were, from left to right: Mr. Shinji Urabayashi, Consul General of Japan; Mr. Sangdon Yoon, Head of Mission, Republic of Korea; Mr. Milton Morinaga, GVB Chairman of the Board of Directors; Guam’s U.S. Congresswoman Madeleine Z. Bordallo; Mr. Michael Hasper, Chargé d’Affaires, German Embassy in Manila; and Mr. Marciano R. De Borja. Consul General of the Philippines. Photo by Mr. Chase Weir

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Guam remembers the SMS Cormoran II at Sea

TUMON, GUAM, April 30, 2017 / — Guam has celebrated the 100th anniversary of the scuttling of the SMS Cormoran II, a historic ship where the first shot fired by the US took place in World War I. The Cormoran had spent two and a half years stranded in Guam with no coal to reach another safe destination. Although not at war with Germany, the US Naval Governor of Guam had decided against refueling the Cormoran, due in part to the island’s own limited supply of the fuel.

Eventually, the German sailors of the Cormoran were given permission to come and go freely from the ship. The relationship between the local people and the Navy with the Cormoran’s crew was very friendly. When the US entered WWI on April 6, 1917, the relationship was forced to change.

The SMS Cormoran II Monument built in 1917 by the sailors of the SMS Cormoran at the U.S. Navy Cemetery in Hagåtña next to the six sailors’ graves. Photo by Mr. Chase Weir

The Navy demanded the Cormoran’s captain Adalbert Zuckschwerdt surrender his ship as their countries were now at war. Zuckschwerdt agreed to surrender himself and his crew, but not the Cormoran. Instead, he instructed his crew to leave the ship and made arrangements to scuttle her. On April 7, 1917 at 8:03 a.m., multiple explosions shook the SMS Cormoran II and she began to sink. Unfortunately, not all the sailors had left the ship and seven died that day.

Only six bodies were recovered. The six sailors were buried with full military honors in the U.S. Naval Cemetery in Hagåtña. The graves are still well marked with headstones inscribed with each sailor’s name – Karl Bennershansen, Franz Blum, K. Boomerum, Rudolph Penning, Emil Reschke, and Ernes Roose. The cemetery also features a monument built by the crew for the SMS Cormoran II and her lost crew members.

On April 7, 2017, crowds gathered in the afternoon at the U.S. Naval Cemetery to honor the fallen of the SMS Cormoran II with a special Peace Tribute Commencement Ceremony. Michael Musto, a SMS Cormoran and dive professional, gave a short history of the Cormoran. The Guam National Guard conducted the presentation of colors and Guam Territorial Band performed. The sailors were honored with a special Chamorro blessing conducted by Pa’a Taotao Tano’, Guam’s longest performing cultural group, and Pale Eric Forbes gave a Christian blessing.

Guam’s U.S. Congress representative, Congresswoman Madeleine Z. Bordallo, gave opening remarks. The Congresswoman, Rear Admiral, U.S. Navy Commander, Joint Region Marianas Shoshana Chatfield, Guam Senator Dennis Rodriguez, Senator Joe S. San Agustin, and Milton Morinaga, Chairman of the GVB Board of Directors unveiled the commemoration plaque. Rear Admiral Chatfield also gave a speech outlining the US Navy’s relationship with the Cormoran and her crew. Admiral stated, “What is the role of the sailor, what might any of us in uniform be asked to do, and I think that I can summarize that by saying that we will serve faithfully, that we will fight bravely, and that we will die honorably.”

Mr. Michael Hasper, Chargé d’Affaires from the German Embassy in Manila, representing the Cormoran’s native Germany was joined by Walter Runck, whose grandfather was a sailor on the Cormoran, and Maria Uhl from Sonthofen, Germany, Guam’s sister city since 1988, to place a large floral wreath by the SMS Cormoran II monument. Six local German families placed small floral arrangements on the six sailors’ graves.

The history of the SMS Cormoran II includes a two-month stay in Lamotrek, an atoll of Yap, part of the Federated States of Micronesia. A sailor named Paul Glaser, rescued by the Cormoran during her journey throughout the Pacific, was laid to rest in Lamotrek. The Lamotrek Association of Guam honored their connection with the SMS Cormoran II during the Peace Tribute Commencement Ceremony. Their skin oiled and colored by turmeric, a brightly colored delegation presented coconuts and sprinkled turmeric on each grave. The fruits represented the main food staple with which the people of Lamotrek were able to feed the nearly 300-person crew of the Cormoran.

The local community presented the fallen sailors with breadfruit and water. The water was carried in a New Guinean bowl to represent the thirty Cormoran crew members who were from New Guinea. The Chamorros used a medicinal fern leaf called “kahlau” to sprinkle the water on each grave and a Chinese bell was rung three times for each lost sailor. The Chinese bell represented the Chinese crew members from the SMS Cormoran II.

Following the formal presentations, the crowd was also invited to place flowers at the memorial site and on the headstones. Preserving and respecting the island’s history is important in Guam, from our own Chamorro culture and history to the lives from other lands who have touched our shores and left their mark. For over 100 years the SMS Cormoran II and her crew have been a proud part of the history of Guam.

PHOTO: Dignitaries attended the Peace Tribute at the U.S. Navy Cemetery in Hagåtña, Guam. From left to right: Milton Morinaga, GVB Chairman of the Board of Directors; John A. Cruz, Mayor of Hagåtña; Rear Admiral, U.S. Navy Commander, Joint Region Marianas Shoshana Chatfield; Guam’s U.S. Congress representative, Congresswoman Madeleine Z. Bordallo; Michael Hasper, Chargé d’Affaires, German Embassy in Manila, Philippines; Guam Senator Dennis Rodriguez; and Guam Senator Joe S. San Agustin. Photo by Mr. Chase Weir

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